Accepted Papers

  • Thermal and hydrodynamic analysis of a flat plate heat pipes with various heating and cooling configurations
    Hossein Shokouhmand and Mohammad Borumand, University of Tehran, Tehran

    An analytical model is presented to analyze the thermal and hydrodynamic performance of flat plate heat pipes under different heat source and sink conditions. Using the method of Fourier expansion, results for pressure drop and velocity field of liquid flow inside the wick structure and temperature distribution inside the wall of a flat plate heat pipe are calculated and compared. Single and multiple line, strip and discrete heaters are modeled using the proposed model. In our analysis, heat sources are placed optimally on the heat pipe surface; i.e. single heat sources are located on the center of the plate, while multiple heat sources are placed symmetrically around the center. From a thermal perspective, maximum temperature of the wall is the most important parameter since it generates hot spots. However, from a hydrodynamic point of view, maximum pressure drop across the wick structure is the most important parameter, since it directly affects the capillary limit of the heat pipe.